This is us!


Skibotn Hyskys people are a family of five. We live in Skibotn, where we have built our own house, and the dog kennel, on Tomas family farm.

We started with one dog named Grace in 2007, now we have around 60 dogs. We been driving dogs with tourists since 2008, but this year we are making a new beginning in our own backyard. During the years of dogmushing we have raced the world longest 8 dog race, 9 times. We been racing in Finland, Sweeden and on the border to Russia. The fantastic dogs have never failed to go, during blizzards, 35 degrees below, bad trails and whiteouts. The dogs are our family project, and the kids are always included when we are racing.  



Is the father, the dogmusher, the snowmobileman and the allrounder. No task is to big, the big tasks just take a little longer. He is born in 76, and have a wide workexperience. When he was 20 years old he was driving a semi-truck all over Europe. At the age of 22 he owned his own fishing boat. He is a capable excavatordriver, a handyman, a busdriver and his helpful hand is always nearby.  


Sara Othelie:

She is born in 2008, and the sun start shining the day she was born. She is a big sister by heart. She is a creative girl, who love doing arts and crafts. Sara is playing the piano, playing football, singing, painting, sewing, and making sculptures. Her dream is to be a dogmushing teacher when she grows up, and at the moment she is waiting for her time to run Finnmarksløpet junior when she turns 15 years.



He is born in 2011, the day before Charlottes final exam. He is an active kid, who has body control like an athlete. He loves biking, football, climbing and everything with a lot of speed. He is also driving the dogsled like a pro. He is kind hearted and want to help all the people that’s struggling in the world. He is always working with his father, and he has the greatest ideas in how to solve problems.


Jakob William:

He is born in 2015, when his father came from a guided fishing trip with tourists. He wears his heart on his sleeve. His a prince charming, happy and laughing. He want to do the same as his older siblings, but not always with great success. Jakob William loves to play outside, in rain, snow, wind or sun. His never bored, and if something is running (a car, a excavator, ATV, snowmobile or other things) his always there.



Is the mother, the dogmusher, the “vet” and the teacher. She is born in 87, and have a wide workexperience. When she was 19 years old she worked in a dogkennel and brought the first dog home. At the age of 21 she worked in a farm with 24 milking cows, and also on the local store. Now she works as a teacher. She loves to do arts and crafts, especially the sami tradition duodji.   


We are looking forward to meet you!

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